The PAIN of the REFERRAL! Whose job is it anyway?

  Part 2 from: Efficiencies With Technologies From a Non-Tech Person As I shared a couple of weeks back, I’m going to go over a few technologies that I have come to appreciate more and more Post-COVID. I say Post-COVID and you all know we are still in the deep of it with changes in… Read more »

Efficiencies with Technologies from a NON-Techy Person

  What’s your pain? Is there a technology that can help? In this series, I’m going to go over a few technologies that I have come to appreciate more and more Post-COVID. I say Post-COVID and the truth is we are still reeling from the changes in our practices created from COVID and will be… Read more »

Great Only Gets You in the Game

  Great doesn’t win the game. What? The truth is great only gets you in the game; in no way does this win the game. Winning in the instance of dentistry is about meeting and exceeding expectations. It’s not about going the extra step; it’s about going the extra mile! Let’s face it; it’s not… Read more »

Consistency in Your Messages Can Create Greater Acceptance

Many times, we don’t want to repeat something to our patients. We want to keep from sounding like a broken record. Or better yet, looking like we are desperate for them to do the treatment that has been recommended previously. Honestly, it’s likely not that way at all. Today people are so distracted. If your… Read more »

Clarity Can Provide Greater Compliance When Scripting Your Messages 

We often think of scripting as something someone else needs to do, not me…I already know our services and or products. Let me be clear; I am sure that you do. Are you sure that your team members know it the way that you do? Better yet, will they create confidence or confusion with what… Read more »

Offering Confidence With Scripting  

I know many times your first thought is, I’m not going to script anything. I appreciate that thought and recognize that many of us are confident in our ability to ask questions. We ask with curiosity. Then we can follow where the patient wants to go with communication. However, this is not normal in our… Read more »

Scripting A “New” Normal in Dentistry

As we prepare scripting to ensure that our patients and their family will understand the measures we are taking to keep all of us safe. I am reminded that it’s in times of confusion that scripted messaging can be most helpful. Although we may spend time communicating information that we perceive is important, don’t overlook… Read more »

Stop. Start. Change. 2.0

Stop, Start, Change – It’s our cycle living through life events I’ve written on this topic a few times. It’s one of my favorite management systems and something my husband reminds me is critical to success in an industry and life that is constantly changing.  Now, more than ever, we are seeing changes in our… Read more »

Making the Shift, to be the Best You for Dentistry!

We all recognize that our environment is changing. Not just in dentistry but in our world. Fake news, slanted opinions, uninformed blogs… we are surrounded by unreliable sources when the truth can often be found just by asking the right person. I’m learning more and more from my friend and colleague, Josh Packard, PhD, that… Read more »

Transformation is needed for Long-Term Success – all team members play a role

Often, I get a call or email from leaders of businesses who echo the same thought. “My staff is not up to par and our profits are down. We want you to come in and motivate our staff.” In other words, by the time I hear about it, the finger is already pointed! This is… Read more »