“ I know Chuck…” When patients who know the doctor push the limits, what’s a team member to do?

It’s happened to all of us who have been in dentistry for any length of time. Someone comes in and uses “the line” when you least expect it.  Maybe it happens early in the conversation to get an appointment time, you aren’t currently offering. Other times, it’s right there, after all the patient nods and… Read more »

Dentures DO NOT replace Teeth, Teeth have roots…

Are you using soft skills to create powerful word pictures for your patients? If you’ve been in dentistry for as long as I have, you could retire if you had a dollar for every time you heard a patient say some form of “I just think you should take out my teeth and give me… Read more »

Soft Skills Help Create the Trust Needed to Become an Authority

Trust for dental and healthcare providers has changed in a big way. We know today studying at some world-renowned, post graduate training continuum won’t guarantee patients will make it to your chair.  The truth is earning TRUST comes far before being an Authority does.  In the past, one could advertise the great places they trained,… Read more »

Making the Shift, to be the Best You for Dentistry!

We all recognize that our environment is changing. Not just in dentistry but in our world. Fake news, slanted opinions, uninformed blogs… we are surrounded by unreliable sources when the truth can often be found just asking the right person. I’m learning more and more from my friend and colleague, Josh Packard, PhD, that perceived… Read more »

Weather the Storm – It’s about Perspective and Focus

If your focus is in the right place when it comes to provisions. You’ll soon discover them. There is so much going on in our country today that could bring sadness. So many who have lost so much. Many too close to home, family, friends, patients and neighbors. At the same time, others have issues… Read more »

Stop, Start, Change – It’s our cycle living through life events

Recently, after some major surgery, I’ve been forced to “lie down” as the good book says. When we go through these seasons in life, I always think of how my husband has described for years to our children and his patients this cycle. When we have life events, personal or professional, we have times where… Read more »

TEAM-Together Everyone Achieves More (It’s still true!)

If you have been to any of our seminars, you know that we like to make a big deal about operating as a team instead of as a staff.  It’s my happy place –working with teams choosing to grow beyond where they are currently. I am not a coach or consultant, but as a professional… Read more »

Transformation for Long-Term Success – all team members play a role

So many times, leaders of businesses call me and say, “My staff is not up to par and our profits are down.  We want you to come in and motivate our staff.”  In other words, by the time I hear about it, the finger is already pointed! Sometimes I’m told, “I’ll send some of my… Read more »

Choosing to Make a Difference

So many people make the choice to go to work and get a paycheck. Pure and simple, that is it. Well, I would have to say that it’s a bit sad. We spend more waking hours with the ones we are knee to knee with, shoulder to shoulder with, and sit across from at lunch,… Read more »

Manage your own Morale

Encouragement is a never-ending exchange of motivation, respect, awe, insight, engagement, admiration, support, prompt, care, inspiration, enthusiasm, discernment, kindness, esteem, delight, comprehension, thoughtfulness, incentive, stimulation, solidarity, empathy, enjoyment, consideration, impetus, appreciation, challenge, compassion, alliance, understanding, selflessness, wonder, value, harmony, tolerance, perception, collaboration, and camaraderie between the mentor and the mentored. Morale is the fuel that… Read more »