Transformation for Long-Term Success – all team members play a role

So many times, leaders of businesses call me and say, “My staff is not up to par and our profits are down.  We want you to come in and motivate our staff.”  In other words, by the time I hear about it, the finger is already pointed! Sometimes I’m told, “I’ll send some of my… Read more »

Choosing to Make a Difference

So many people make the choice to go to work and get a paycheck. Pure and simple, that is it. Well, I would have to say that it’s a bit sad. We spend more waking hours with the ones we are knee to knee with, shoulder to shoulder with, and sit across from at lunch,… Read more »

Manage your own Morale

Encouragement is a never-ending exchange of motivation, respect, awe, insight, engagement, admiration, support, prompt, care, inspiration, enthusiasm, discernment, kindness, esteem, delight, comprehension, thoughtfulness, incentive, stimulation, solidarity, empathy, enjoyment, consideration, impetus, appreciation, challenge, compassion, alliance, understanding, selflessness, wonder, value, harmony, tolerance, perception, collaboration, and camaraderie between the mentor and the mentored. Morale is the fuel that… Read more »

Significance is Knowing, It’s Not About You

It’s truly another level in your life and career when you can comprehend and embrace the fact that it’s not about you. Surely much of this comes with maturity and hard lessons learned along the way. For me, it’s often a moment when I’m inclined to take something personally, that things get real and almost… Read more »

Aligning with Abundant Thinkers

 Have you ever had a business alliance or client with a severe case of the scarcity mindset? You know it immediately, right? There is almost a palpable distrust of others. There are often demands from people with this mindset, unlike others. Often you find yourself not too excited to engage with or refer to them…. Read more »

What Do You Do When The Finish Line Is In Sight? You Kick It Up A Notch!

When you have a large project or a timely plan that is coming together and you get even a glimpse of the finish line you’ve seen countless times in your head, what do you do? For me, it’s time to kick it up a notch! We can see the images of our progressive online learning… Read more »

The Muddy Middle

When the destination is clear but the road has not yet been traveled! Ever plan a trip and you know the exact destination, however; there are no direct easy roads to get there? Well, this is similar to where we are right now in our transition with The Progressive Dentist and Out of the Mouth… Read more »

Preparing to Deliver!

It’s what we do when we invest countless hours without any immediate return or reward. When do you spend time preparing to deliver? For Bonnie and me, this has been a whirlwind week. With the announcement of the acquisition happening by year end, it seems as though we don’t have enough hours in a… Read more »

The New Texas Two Step that will have dentistry dancing for JOY!

If this one doesn’t make you SMILE (or dance), you don’t have it in you! This is the most exciting story I’ve had the privilege to write in a long time. Funny, because I can just hear the “What just happened?” reaction when many of you read the press release out today about the acquisition of… Read more »

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Being a Connector

It’s always given me great joy to connect others when I see opportunities and understand the result could be good for one or the other parties. It’s the abundant attitude that many connectors share that drive them to this behavior.However, it’s often confusing when the very act of connecting others seemed to conflict with my own… Read more »