JoAn Majors, RDA, CSP, CVP

JoAn holds the designation of CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), held by less than 12% of 5,000+ speakers worldwide in 14 organizations. It is the highest earned international measure of professional platform competence. She’s a member of multiple other professional organizations, including the National Speakers Association and Global Speakers Network. She is a professional speaker, published author and registered dental assistant.

This top-rated speaker knows that productive and effective communication (soft skills) are needed in order to be successful today in business and life. She is often referred to as the “soft skills specialist” or “verbal word surgeon.” Simply put, JoAn creates value in any relationship by asking the right questions. This is the “magic” in the systems she shares with her audiences. She is published in many industry magazines and is the author of two books with a third coming soon!

As a certified speaking professional, JoAn focuses more on your goal for the event and less about her. That means she and her team spend time researching your group and audience before she arrives to find out how they can be of maximum impact for you, your group and your audience. She does this because she believes every team member and their leaders deserve an opportunity to grow inside and out, personally and professionally.