Are Your Boots Made for Walking?

Mastering the art of knowing when to walk away in business and life for the health of it!

  • Knowing the difference between business potential and rhetoric
  • Seeing the difference between a thought leader, opinion leader and someone with a microphone, podium or blog with an opinion
  • Choosing the right mentors can be life-changing
  • Learn to walk away without defeat
  • Walking away can be critical to your health

Create Value with the Cycle of 6℠ Soft Skills and Science

It’s no secret that today in dentistry, many of the rooms sell out for clinical speakers. This program is the one every dentist should hear about connecting but might not dare! The team in a dental practice creates value long before the doctor has a chance to utilize his or her great clinical skills. It’s not for the weak at heart.

Understand how the changes dentistry has coming are not going to let up. Preparing to bring value to our patients has never been more important and never depended more on a team approach. Multiple sources will point to market changes. Join JoAn on a journey that will have you making the decision of what story you will be telling in 5 or 10 years. One thing is for sure, it’s your choice!

The attendee will understand:

  • Drive greater case acceptance through predictable systems, with a WHY that matters to the doctor and team, no matter what your generation
  • 6 Steps that lead to a lifelong connection with your patients and people
  • Learn 3 engaging phrases that lead to “Yes”
  • Understand how to OUT-connect the competition
  • STOP selling and start connecting

We are a PACE AGD CE provider. This program is presented in half day or full day formats. (Up to 3 hours or 6 hours, 2 or 3 CEUs or 6 CEUs.)

Upon request this program can be delivered jointly in a full day format for a minimal upcharge by JoAn Majors and Dr. Josh Packard. It transforms audiences when they hear the science and research behind the Life-Long Connection formula JoAn has designed and used for several years. This program combines the expertise of a brilliant research-based sociologist and JoAn’s day-to-day application of these systems in their Texas-based practice.

If you’re interested in customizing this for your corporate event in healthcare, we’re here to help! Our research will allow us to use the service-marked system and science to improve your team’s ability to connect to their “audience” whoever they serve: patients, parents, grandparents, doctors or team members. Better said, anyone connected to the product or service you offer. For more information, call 979-224-0935 or email [email protected], subject: Joint Full Day – (Your Company Name & Location).

Boost Implant Treatment – The Secret Sauce = Soft Skills, Science + Your Team

We all know the words we use are more far-reaching than ever. Creating value for today’s advanced skills and procedures has never been more important. Understanding the role your team plays is critical to your success as a clinician. The team and the words they use are far-reaching. You won’t believe how far-reaching, but we are prepared to prove it to you! This one is sure to make the needle move!

The clinical courses at industry meetings are full. The “soft skills,” as they say, are often overlooked or misunderstood. The Soft Side of Implant Dentistry was an original Signature Event for JoAn and her team, and has evolved to be one the of the programs with the greatest ROI. Frequently hired by surgeons and implant manufacturers to educate referring doctors and teams, this is one of our favorites. “Who gets your best?” is the question everyone will be answering!

The attendee will understand:

  • Increase awareness with confidence in implant treatment
  • Use patient-savvy lingo that turns fear into curiosity
  • The surprise best target market for implant dentistry
  • Understand how to OUT-connect the competition

We are a PACE AGD CE provider. This program is presented in half day or full day formats. (Up to 3 hours or 6 hours, 2 or 3 CEUs or 6 CEUs.)

Cultivate a Passionate Team

In a connection economy where team members and patients alike are emotionally in debt with so much electronic stimulation, it’s easy to believe there is nothing but “work” at a “job.” AKA: just over broke. People want connection. Today’s teams are a diverse group of generationally invested individuals that don’t always remember how to function as a team. Finding a common ground has never been more challenging or critical.

This program will help you find the starting place to bring passion back to your team by the WHY and commonality that we overlooked in the clinical course. If you want to get ahead in a world of negative streams of information impacting our lives, then understanding the power of your WHY is THE THING, not a thing. This is about connecting to create the culture you want to deliver care in. It’s about life in and out of the practice!

The attendee will understand:

  • Discover your “WHY,” individually and as a team
  • Learn the top 2 ways to become magnificent
  • Understanding and honoring differences in a connection economy
  • Create the connection internally to have the culture you design and promise

We are a PACE AGD CE provider. This program is presented in half day or full day formats. (Up to 3 hours or 6 hours, 2 or 3 CEUs or 6 CEUs.)

Events start at $5000.00 to just over $10,000.00 depending on bundle and After Care program for attendees. If you are interested in your attendees having meeting follow up with online learning subscriptions through The Soft Skills Institute, we’d love to assist you in learning more. Call us today to schedule your next step to a Productive Seminar Experience and meeting follow up to match!

JoAn Gives Back:
Every year JoAn will provide 10% of what she earns in gratis speaking for non-profit organizations, schools, universities, faith based groups or others who meet the company’s criteria. To learn more submit your contact information, event title, location and goals or purpose of the meeting to [email protected] Subject: JoAn Gives Back.