• Projection unit compatible with speaker’s laptop
  • A cable connection for both visuals and sound (audio/video clips can play from laptop)
  • Lavaliere microphone
  • Screen to right corner, or left front if large room, from front screen projection. (Rear screen projection is up to your discretion.)

Room Layout

  • Leave enough room in the front for the speaker to move freely and, where possible, leave room between rows of seats as JoAn loves to be in the audience.
  • Classroom seating for audience.
  • Set small draped table to the right or left for props – pub table and bar stool works great.
  • Flip-chart with markers.

Room Lighting

  • Available light dimmers on the screen area, but leave full house lights on during the program. If the room has ceiling spotlights, aim them to the center front. If there is a spotlight or lighting above the screen, it is best if the light bulb is turned off or removed temporarily.

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