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Many times, we don’t want to repeat something to our patients. We want to keep from sounding like a broken record. Or better yet, looking like we are desperate for them to do the treatment that has been recommended previously. Honestly, it’s likely not that way at all. Today people are so distracted. If your message gets caught up in a time when they are already getting a mound of information, it can just get lost. It’s either priority or not in many cases. Sending a consistent message can be really good. If you are a fee for service practice, that’s a message that can be shared positively and should be in many areas of communication for your patients. If you’ve followed the 3 C’s, you understand that we are talking about scripting to create greater understanding and compliance with patient outcomes. We started with a theme during early COVID of, “We’re Here to Help!” We then moved to “We Miss You!” Now we are utilizing the consistent messaging of “Here’s what we’re doing to keep you safe!’ In the current COVID-climate, everyone wants to know they will be safe. 

Let’s start with framing it like a benefit: keep you safe. It is clear and it is a benefit. If we are increasing our fee due to increased PPE fees, it is good to tie it to this benefit statement or one you and your team develop. The main thing is that when we are in a state of confusion and unknowns, the more you can utilize our 3 C’s in your messaging, the more it will make sense. It’s about getting predictable results. It’s about sharing information versus making excuses when you have to explain something that you have not been clear about.

 Keep this in mind as you move to the next phase of scripting as these changing times dictate. Remember, communication is essential; the connection is vital!

Action Item: Look at your messaging either a phone message or an online description of services. Where do you see distinctive consistency in your message? Do you see areas that you recognize you could be more clear and consistent? Write those down and share them with your team. Making an action plan can be great to get the next steps moving. 

See you on the road…or the web!