Significance is Knowing, It’s Not About You

It’s truly another level in your life and career when you can comprehend and embrace the fact that it’s not about you. Surely much of this comes with maturity and hard lessons learned along the way. For me, it’s often a moment when I’m inclined to take something personally, that things get real and almost… Read more »

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Being a Connector

It’s always given me great joy to connect others when I see opportunities and understand the result could be good for one or the other parties. It’s the abundant attitude that many connectors share that drive them to this behavior. However, it’s often confusing when the very act of connecting others seemed to conflict with my own… Read more »

4 Things I Learned About Being Thankful from Richard Hernandez (aka Bruno Mars)

As I watched the interview of Bruno Mars (born Richard Hernandez) by Lara Logan of 60 Minutes, it was amazing how many things he shared that I have experienced in my own journey. I’ve personally always been a fan of his. I remember hearing years ago, about the “underdog,” and how he continued believing in what he… Read more »

3 Ways Your Gatekeeper May be Keeping You from More Success

A person considered the “gatekeeper” in a practice can sometimes turn out to be the one keeping the doctor from having as much success as he or she might have. Not intentionally in most circumstances but often because they don’t know what they don’t know. In some instances, they don’t know WHO they don’t know…. Read more »

I’m Beat, Because I Love It!

It’s Monday and my motivation to write this versus taking a day to sit read a brainless magazine outside while I drink coffee by my napping dog is because I’m beat and I love it! Sounds funny right? I am beat from a long week of travel and speaking yet I realize I can hardly… Read more »