Weather the storm - It's about perspective and focus

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If your focus is in the right place when it comes to provisions. You’ll soon discover them.

There is so much going on in our country today that could bring sadness. So many who have lost so much. Many too close to home, family, friends, patients and neighbors. At the same time, others have issues with health, finances or family. Almost anyone could find something to feel they’ve missed out or lost out on. Yet, when you put your focus, first and foremost on your higher purpose, a wonderful thing happens. You seem to hear and discover more good. Hearing how someone has been saved from what could have happened, how it could have been so much worse.

Moreover, for me, coming off the heels of a major heath issue (that seems to keep hanging on), changes in our practice at an inconvenient time and sadness over the dissolution of a joint venture, I’m not immune to a feeling of hopelessness. Recently, I wrote a story for a magazine with the theme from Robert Frost’s poem about a road less traveled. What started out as a story about “Inconvenient Honesty” ended as; “The day the roads less traveled were flooded with kindness.” It’s about perspective and focus. Somedays we all need a reminder!

Oddly enough, I know this and know better than to allow fear or scarcity to affect my most often optimistic outlook. It’s also fair to say, I’m human and need to be reminded often that whatever my perception of a situation might be, it may just be the wrong item. Here’s the bottom line for me, if I focus on my higher purpose, and in those moments that I feel that’s all I have. I quickly remember that is all I need! This is the place of abundance and plenty. In that moment, l remember just how good this life is!

See you on the road…flooded with kindness!
It’s the road I choose, how about you?