Trust & Authority

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Trust for dental and healthcare providers has changed in a big way. We know today studying at some world-renowned, post graduate training continuum won’t guarantee patients will make it to your chair.  The truth is earning TRUST comes far before being an Authority does.  In the past, one could advertise the great places they trained, frame, then strategically place a multitude of certificates and that made you the authority. Our team actually cringes when we hear or see an example of a doctor bragging or beating their own chest. The team is vital in creating trust and trust is first. Patients care in the beginning that you listen, don’t judge and remain curious about them, it’s not about you.

It’s not just dentistry or healthcare but in my speaking business too.  I’ve earned a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP®) designation from the National Speakers Association. This places me in a very tiny group of speakers in my niche. Impressive, right? Maybe to a meeting planner who understands what it means not from an audience. The trust from an audience is generally earned in that first 10 minutes or so of a seminar. In a practice, it’s that first phone call. Truth is, I earn my spot on the podium and the content I share every time I step foot in our office and actually practice what I preach. Also, the main reason I observe in practices when I travel to speak. It’s in the research my team has done on who is in my audience and what they want to walk away with…it’s not about me, EVER!

In our practice, often we see adults for comprehensive care. Many times, it can include some form of implant treatment. Treatment where misunderstandings still run rampant. It’s been our experience when a team member (front or back office) is well versed with the often over-looked and misunderstood “soft skills”, then creating value for advanced treatment options becomes more predictable.  Allowing the doctor to have the best conversation and outcome based on the discovery from our entire team. It helps to create trust long before our doctor can become an authority.

Our doctor(s) love this and truly appreciate knowing what they’re walking into.  When our team does initial research it allows a patient to share incredible things that they might not have otherwise. Everything begins with the relationship. The relationship starts with our team. Delivering quality care and becoming an Authority takes a total team and systems that create predictability…even when it comes to the soft skills!

See You on the Road!