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Great doesn’t win the game. What? The truth is great only gets you in the game; in no way does this win the game. Winning in the instance of dentistry is about meeting and exceeding expectations. It’s not about going the extra step; it’s about going the extra mile! Let’s face it; it’s not for everyone. Some people will stop reading here and go read something that makes them “feel” better.

Systems allow us to be successful, and our actual PRACTICE of these systems, (role play if you will) is really where the rubber meets the road. If you can make sure that you meet and exceed expectations when they are at the highest, you can keep the patient, team member, referral, or client.

Having the systems to support the people “in” your business today is critical. Nailing that experience when the expectations are at the very highest is how you win today. We filmed these short videos when COVID had only been mentioned a dozen times nationwide. Oddly enough, we find ourselves at a place in dentistry that makes as much (if not more) sense now than ever.

I like to say, “you can’t WING it if you expect to WIN it!”

Keep this in mind if you have to ask, “do we have a system for onboarding a new patient” OR “do we have a system to ensure our referrals actually get to the specialist we want,” you probably already know the answer!

Action Items:
What are three things you systematically ASK when onboarding a new patient to make sure you can meet and exceed their expectations?

When you refer a patient out, how do you ensure they get there?

In a time when everything is touchless and connect more, how do you send this information? (If you are about to say paper referral, please don’t!)

Meeting and exceeding expectations is critical. Want to learn our answers to how to do that? Send a request to, [email protected] Subject: WIN

See you on the road…or the web!