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We often think of scripting as something someone else needs to do, not me…I already know our services and or products. Let me be clear; I am sure that you do. Are you sure that your team members know it the way that you do? Better yet, will they create confidence or confusion with what and how they might share information or answer the same question you would. If it is a system, it’s easy to feel that we have given confidence to our patients with clarity in our messages.

 We recognize that many of us have had years of experience and understand the dynamics of patient communication. If this is so, we cannot discount the fact that we have all had our way of “being taught” or lack of sometimes. This is the reason we believe so strongly in the scripting of messages that are important to the success of patient compliance, patient outcomes, and expectations. I never want someone to become a mini-me! That’s frightening, but I do believe that we should put the bones to the systems with scripts. 

 I always share, “listen to my thoughts and not my words.” I do this because I truly believe if the team understands WHY we are sharing information the way we are, they will be more likely to want to find their words with these systems. Systems are predictable, and right now, predictable is sounding better than ever! Let’s think about being intentionally clear in our communication. 

Action Item: When is the last time someone wasn’t clear with you about something you were going to purchase. Perhaps a warranty or the usefulness of an item. Were you disappointed? Did you feel as though being clear about the outcome for you would have you want to purchase from the business again? Write this down and share this with your team. You might be surprised at how a little clarity could have gone a long way in some simple communications.


See you on the road…or the web!