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As we prepare scripting to ensure that our patients and their family will understand the measures we are taking to keep all of us safe. I am reminded that it’s in times of confusion that scripted messaging can be most helpful. Although we may spend time communicating information that we perceive is important, don’t overlook the simple but powerful intention of connecting with people. 

Whether you’re planning information that will be delivered to your team or your patients it’s always best to keep in mind that in times of uncertainty people want connection. We all want to know that things will be okay and this new abnormal is to protect all of us. It’s really about serving at a higher level. It’s about being significant to others. It will take some intention to deliver the information that must be delivered and with the connection that we want to have with our circle. 

We’re excited to cover some details over the next few weeks on how scripting works and a short formula to follow that will help even the weakest of word-smiths be more successful in their scripting and delivery! We love systems and we recognize that if you put the heart in your art, the system supports what we want for our team, patients’ and people.

See you on the road…or on the web!


Action Item: Write the name of one of your favorite movies that made you belly laugh or ugly cry. Do you remember why? Did you feel like you were duped by the producers and writers? Most would say not at all. These were well written, well-rehearsed scripts and they evoked emotion.