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The What:
Systems for creating a smooth transition from team member to team member or practice to practice. The system is used in a transfer from phone call with a new patient to huddle/team, assistant to doctor then assistant to admin team. In addition, hygiene to doctor and hygiene to admin team. Lastly, the powerful doctor to specialist transfer of power.

The Why:
To create value for the next step in the process of a hand off in the dental practice. Elevating each team member or professional that we are passing off to while ensuring the current person has answered all necessary questions or inquiries to feel confident in the next step. Creating value in the next person and step of the treatment process. Listening to a patient and transferring the information to the next provider of any service (in or out of our practice) is unique to dentistry. We use this tool to create value and differentiate our practice from the crowd because listening is a lost art!

The How:
The system again involves asking questions to keep the patient engaged in the next step. We believe in our practice this is one of the most critical and valuable steps to ensuring a patient follows through with next step and does not get lost in the process or transfer. This loss can result in patients not following through with treatment, not valuing the care or referral or worst of all we lose the opportunity to meet expectations. Again, this is a normal system used in practices and all training agendas and worksheets are included for powerful results oriented team meetings. We suggest you begin to take a system a month to review, implement, learn and have your team share their personal successes. You’ll be amazed as you watch how creative others can be with their words and this concept when they begin to own the material and find their unique language. A powerful tool in life and practice!