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The What:
Systems for Phone Shoppers- Appointing the New Patient

The Why:
To create value from the beginning to have a patient to choose your practice and ultimately your prescribed treatment.
Creating value is much easier if you have created rapport. Creating value when you have no connection to a person is not easy. Quoting fees, quoting services or just simply answering yes or no questions doesn’t create value or separate you from the crowd it makes you appear more like an uninterested robot. In today’s busy practice taking the time up front to create value saves volumes of time for the doctor and clinical team. We call this the DBC Open Armed Technique℠. It falls under the first step (Relationship) in the DBC Cycle of 6. This is the beginning of our LLC or Life Long Connection℠ with patients we are privileged to serve.

Advanced- Normally taught in the seminars is more a more progressive system. Following the two day seminar and the understanding and clarity of the advanced system you will be amazed at how the New Patient is engaged at a level unlike most of your patients prior to the Telephone Handshake. It’s startling how predictable it can be.

The How:
Follow a few simple guidelines (written details and meeting agendas included) to be more interested in the new patient caller by making a commitment to follow the system. Place the Beginner Handshake form (Included) by all phones in the practice after the initial team meeting. Use the Telephone Handshake℠ Beginner form(s) for a couple of meetings. Then follow with the next step listed in your materials provided in the download. Follow with a third and fourth meeting on Intermediate. You are on your way to creating value for the care and character provided in the practice.