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Scheduling Savvy Lingo℠

The What:
Systems for creating respect for the schedule. Understanding Savvy Lingo℠ covers no shows, cancellations, looking forward to seeing you calls, pre-appointed hygiene or converting the emergency patient to a patient of record.

The Why:
To create value for the practice schedule and the appointment. With changes in healthcare like multiple appointments made on top of each other, limited charges due to copays and third party issues; dentistry must re-define the appointment schedule for the patient consumer. It’s the extreme dissimilarity of medicine and dentistry which most patients don’t understand and few are able to describe. These are symptoms of allowing others to control your schedule. Integrity and respect along with a system will allow you to recover your schedule. Cut the cancellations and no shows while creating value for the next hygiene visit with the pre-appointed visit that offers a patient loyalty program. Even when converting the emergency patient to a LLC, Life Long Connection℠ with the savvy lingo℠ needed to create value for the next visit.

The How:
These systems work. Having your team involved in these scenarios and learning this simple yet effective Savvy Lingo℠ (verbal skills) can dramatically change the outcome for these “chief complaints” of many dental practices. In your team meeting(s) have each team member follow the steps to practice and learn these proven techniques. Remember all learning materials and meeting agenda(s) are included. Should you choose to take on this series of Savvy Lingo℠ it will take some dedicated time. Follow the details and instructions included to assure the system is in place. This allows each team member to begin with the area’s most comfortable to discuss.

Remember different isn’t always easy but your patient didn’t go to the seminar or watch these training videos. They don’t recognize the system and it is a respectful way to create value and respect for the practice schedule. Following it allows team members to have guidelines they can follow and material they can own. While doctors have what they love, more predictability with the schedule.