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The Million Dollar Manager workshop was designed for the manager of today.  This two and one half day workshop/seminar addresses issues unique to practice managers as well as strategies for growth. Breakout sessions are designed for practices at different levels.  All are led by managers and/or industry specialists relevant to the needs of each particular groupThe program is further customized based upon the findings from apreprogram questionnaire.

Some of the most sensitive issues in todays practice are covered with a small and intimate group.  Between the leadership lab and some great fun, this program will rock your world!

  • Become a better leader for the practice in the community and in the practice
  • Understand the powerful impact of your image
  • Discover how to have a tough dialog while maintaining your integrityHuman resource solutions, including hiring, firing
  • Financial management including collections and the perfect insurance narrative
  • Marketing ideas, growing market share, and social media

Finally, would you know what to do today if you knew your doctor would be gone tomorrow?  The toughest area to cover speaks to the lack of knowledge many of us have about what’s next when the office is closed, the doctor is disabled or diagnosed with a terminal illness.  This part of the seminar alone will make it worth the investment.  Hear personal issues and real experiences while understanding the truth behind it all.  What’s your role?  What should you know? Don’t miss this growth experience.


Led by a team of handpicked, industry leaders in their own field, this workshop/seminar offers an unprecedented amount of talent NEVER together before. The value of one day with any one of these leaders is worth more than the tuition, but to have access to them over the two day learning opportunity is phenomenal. This doesn’t even take into account the learning and share time with other managers directed by our team.


JoAn Majors, Program Creator
Keith Jacobson, Co-Creator – Significant Spouse / Life Planning – Demystifying the Business Side of Dentistry
Melinda Heryford, Co-Creator – Comprehensive Care Coordinator
Dr. Chuck Majors, Co-Founder DBC

Other Team Members / Managers / Marketing Experts etc TBA as event approaches.


June 2 & 3, 2016
(Reception June 1)


This unique learning experience is beyond compare in dentistry today. The *investment for this unmatched opportunity is presently listed at $2,950.00
*This investment may be modified due to alliances, VIP vouchers and particular scholarships.

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Austin, TX


“Can I send my office manager down to spend some time with you? Or, what’s next for someone like me? Where can I get more training like this?” These common questions over the last several years drove JoAn to want to provide something significant for the doctors who wanted to know where their manager could go for an understanding of what a great manager/leader for the practice could be doing? She also knew about the team members who would remark about their office manager and the rough edges or communication style they used. This lead her to do more research over the year of 2012.

JoAn soon found was that there was a real need by many doctors and managers to have a place to learn, train and share (with like manager/leaders) while becoming more impactful to the bottom line. This task was important to all parties, but often not addressed in this style, at this length, and never with this many expert speakers and trainers accessible. The challengesof a practice weigh heavy on the doctor. Why not do all you can to alleviate some of the issues? Many times it is due to a lack of knowledge and connections.

Managers do want to make an impact and bring more value and produce greater results for the practice, but often have never received comprehensive training in the broad array of their responsibilities.  This is how The Million Dollar Manager came to fruition.

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