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It’s Monday and my motivation to write this versus taking a day to sit read a brainless magazine outside while I drink coffee by my napping dog is because I’m beat and I love it! Sounds funny right? I am beat from a long week of travel and speaking yet I realize I can hardly wait to share because I simply love what I do. I was on the road a day shy of a week and planned to spend today just recouping not recapping. It’s just tough because it was such a great week and I’m so blessed to be intoxicated by doing what I do.
My normal schedule is to travel every other week so that I can spend adequate time in the practice and at home. This past week I traveled to Charlotte and got in early to see my mentors and friends as Salvin Dental prior to presenting for Vatech America at a 3D symposium that I must say was really first class. It was great to meet some really fascinating dental minds while there. Dr. Vijay Parashar another brilliant dental mind and my colleague and old friend, Bret Royal of Implant Concierge. Multiple doctors with great stories about their personal dental journey.

The final speaker (and near standup comedian) was Dr. Todd Engel. Although I have heard of Dr. Engel I had not met him or heard him present. The following day before catching a flight I made time to visit the wonderful facility where Dr. Engel is making a difference to both patients and doctors. It was simply beautiful. It was open and modern yet quite cozy, really. It was unique and inspiring to someone who has seen many of these in my career and I almost missed it. I was beat but if I hadn’t changed plans, flights, found the right Uber driver etc…I wouldn’t have made that quick visit to see what Todd shared was his dream realized. It was an ah ha moment for me.

Many of us are beat, tired and over worked but get up and do it again because we love it. “IT” is different for many of us. This guy was like a beacon in the night, the way he lit up to show so many of us around. His lovely wife and team all smiles too. Louis (Lou) DeFilippo and Dustin Haney of Vatech America, thank you for the invite and insight! You are all up to great things and I feel blessed to have been a small part of it this past week.

When you love what you do it is easier to stay up a little later to learn one more thing to become a master at your craft. To have less sleep to prepare just the right message for an audience. No different than my sweet dental hubby who might look at that CT scan one more time late at night while listening to Robin Sharma or Jim Rohn. It is when we are beat that we relax enough to appreciate the craft we love and work to become a master at.

Some of us have a clear desire to be a master of our craft and it is what keeps us going when we are beat. Like our WHY is what will get us out of bed on the days we might need or want to stay there. Jim Rohn said, “One discipline always leads to another discipline.” What are you disciplined about? It seems worth asking when the economy, election and most editorials we read are chocked full of disheartening comments and concerns. People are emotionally in debt right now because there is so much negativity almost everywhere we look.

I ended my weekend spending two days training with the PTCA (Patient Treatment Coordinators Association) in Dallas all day Saturday and Sunday. Sharing the learning and platform with my husband, part of his dental team and Melinda Heryford. I cannot say enough good about Heather Collins, Exec. Director and this organizations passion to provide a new standard for treatment coordinators. It has been a privilege for me to share with members and guests our systems for predictability, profitability and passion. As my husband and I drove home last night I realized that we are so blessed to be around minds who want to learn, mentors and teachers who want to share their best. In an industry that if you look, you can find abundance. Abundance is beautiful and I believe it too is a discipline. Do you model abundance?  I want to continue to be beat and in love with what I do. Also, to continue to work alongside dentists, teams and industry leaders who are disciplined in becoming a master at their craft! Do you want to be a master at your craft? We’re here to help you become magnificent!

See you on the road,