What do you do when the finish line is in sight? You kick it up a notch!

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When you have a large project or a timely plan that is coming together and you get even a glimpse of the finish line you’ve seen countless times in your head, what do you do? For me, it’s time to kick it up a notch! We can see the images of our progressive online learning and it is so exciting. We have worked diligently these last few weeks and we can’t help but want to really kick it into high gear in this last leg of the race. We are running all out with the expectation that the moment we hit our official launch date, we really have an opportunity to run a different kind of race; maybe more of a relay.  Bonnie and I gravitated toward each other for collaboration of expertise. Neither of us would risk a lane change until the move was better than our individual strategies. We were both ready to run but knew it would be a better stretch if we had the best person for that leg of the relay so to speak. Now, in our own Olympics, we’re going for the gold!

We are literally days away from the 21 day trial and subscription phase and we are already planning new content and delivery for the spring, summer, and fall. As a clinical assistant, administrator and spouse of a dentist, I get it and it has never been so rewarding to be able to be part of doing this for today’s dental teams.

Times have changed and so have the ways we prefer and/or have time to learn! We understand the business side of a practice.  There’s never been an easier or more comprehensive way to learn how to improve your practice marketing, leadership, culture, and so much more. We are so blessed to be the team that is gathering and collaborating (as well as vetting to some degree) to deliver in a whole new balanced sort of way to doctors and teams – on their schedules. Don’t miss the launch, stay tuned because it’s about to get real!

See you on the road,