Transformation for Long-Term Success

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So many times, leaders of businesses call me and say, “My staff is not up to par and our profits are down.  We want you to come in and motivate our staff.”  In other words, by the time I hear about it, the finger is already pointed!

Sometimes I’m told, “I’ll send some of my key team members over to hear you.  If they feel that your input is good, then they will have you in.”  But I wonder what does the term “key team members” mean? Are those the ones with the executive washroom keys?  Are those the only ones management wants to keep or cares to invest in?  I have never really understood making that distinction.

For most groups or organizations, change happens from the outside in. The key team members say. “Okay, this is how we are going to do things differently now that we heard such great things at this seminar.”  But the team members who were not invited to the seminar are often lost, confused, uncertain, and afraid.  They often feel left out and expendable.  So, I recommend to management that they bring their entire team to my presentation.  If long-term success is the goal, then everybody must play an important role in making that happen.  You might say that by bringing the entire team together, management is making their commitment clear.  By including everyone, change begins to happen from the inside out, not because of a seminar but because the team collectively looks toward improving their performance. When that happens, transformation is truly possible.

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JoAn Majors