The New Texas Two Step that will have dentistry dancing for JOY!

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If this one doesn’t make you SMILE (or dance), you don’t have it in you! This is the most exciting story I’ve had the privilege to write in a long time. Funny, because I can just hear the “What just happened?” reaction when many of you read the press release out today about the acquisition of the Out Of The Mouth platform by The Progressive Dentist. This is about timing, people, and the reason (or the “why” as I like to say these days). These big decisions don’t happen overnight and you don’t always get them right. Bonnie Hixson and I have both made some choices in our careers that were definitely not crowd pleasers – but they brought us here. We’ve had sleepless nights and financial heartache over those past decisions. This one, however, was honestly easier than anyone could ever imagine; lending credence to the old saying that if it is the right time, with the right people, for the right REASON, it will be very easy.

We both LOVE dentistry. We love the people in dentistry. We love the fact this is an industry where the doctors and teams genuinely care about the results and outcomes, not only for their patients, but for everyone. It brings us great joy when we can connect others in a way that creates real value and allows them to move closer to their goals. Connecting people is what we both do really well so this is an easy move for us.  With The Progressive Dentist magazine, Bonnie has the opportunity to set experts in dentistry up for even greater success by showcasing them to an elite and savvy audience. For me, the Out Of the Mouth online platform does the same thing. I get to use my voice to tee up a guest speaker or expert in a more powerful way than they would on their own. In addition to that, the podcasts and webinars introduce soft skills that have doctors and teams engaged in a new, less expensive, and more convenient manner than traveling to seminars. This is what opens the door to more learning and more doing! This is where the magic happens for me – when our guest speaker turns into a  referral as a coach or consultant who goes the distance with the practice who wants to grow.

Together, we will have an even bigger impact because at the end of the day, neither of us wants to be the hero! We want the reader, listener, subscriber, and contributor to be the heroes… because they are. This can happen when we can “out-connect” others who are in it for a different reason.  Although I’m not at liberty to disclose actual numbers, Bonnie has built a huge (let’s say 30-40K) subscription-based audience that finds so much value they re-subscribe 96% of the time. This is almost unheard of and it’s a testament to The Progressive Dentist team.  Bonnie is brilliant and her success comes from offering something dramatically different.  For me, the dental content I supply comes from living in dentistry daily. But it’s the ability to connect non-dental and dental folks with online content that really gets me excited. I have found my happy place and can’t believe I get to share it with you every day.

If you love dentistry and see the benefit of receiving great learning in and out of dentistry with your team, you can’t help but dance for joy at the affordable rates we will offer. The cost can’t be matched for the content, character and variety that will be available as a result of this acquisition. As a dentist’s spouse, this is what excites me the most. So many companies want $199.00 (or even $499.00) per month… you can find yourself getting $199.00 a month’ed to death! You can access our platform at monthly rate for about the cost of a PA and bitewing! Or, select our annual subscription rate to keep the price down while bringing a myriad of opportunities and voices to the industry in both print and on the device of your choice.   We are passionate about serving by getting some of our very favorite experts in front of you, the audience who is eager to learn! As Bonnie says, “You’re gonna love what’s next!”

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