Aligning with Abundant Thinkers

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 Have you ever had a business alliance or client with a severe case of the scarcity mindset? You know it immediately, right? There is almost a palpable distrust of others. There are often demands from people with this mindset, unlike others. Often you find yourself not too excited to engage with or refer to them. It’s been my experience throughout my 30 plus years in the dental industry that there are just these kinds of folks in practices and businesses alike; these people are tough to work for, and with. The hard part for those of us who come from a “plenty” mindset, is that we don’t know how to do it any other way. I have my “open armed” and giving upbringing to thank for that, in addition to a husband who models generosity and abundance like no other I know.

This past week, my colleague, partner and friend, Bonnie Hixson and I had the pleasure to spend some time with one of the many companies we work with. Initially, we believed they were absolutely up to great things in dentistry.  My husband is a client and our office administrator is a fan, and many of the coaches and consultants we trust are also fans. Bottom line, there was a compelling reason for Bonnie and I to take 3 days out of our lives (our only non-travel week this month) to go and “experience” the culture of the group. We went with the intent to immerse ourselves in their culture and get to know the people in their customer service department as well as their executives, and quite frankly ask some questions; then “listen and watch” closely.

What I found as the spouse of a client/dentist, connector of coaches and consultants to those in our circle, whom I care deeply for, was overwhelming. I found that now more than ever I will do everything in my power to align myself in business and life with abundant thinkers because not only does it feel good, it’s just the right thing to do. It’s a space that I pray I will be in for the rest of my career in dentistry. It still amazes me how many people I meet at meetings, tradeshows, corporate events or training centers that believe there is only one way – “their way”. It’s sad really when you think about it. If that were the truth, there wouldn’t have been twelve disciples, there wouldn’t be a senate and congress, and there wouldn’t be a board with veto power in companies with high-powered, high-paid executives. At the end of the day, everyone answers to someone. Maybe not today, but eventually to someone.

Personally, we give in an abundant way to our family, to our team members and to the patients. One of our goals in the practice is to give in such an abundant way to our patients that they wonder how they could be treated so well, have such individualized care, an amazing dental experience with such perks for the fee that was charged. In my business, serving dentists, their teams and organizations with unbiased content from those we are aligned with in the ProPractice is such a joy. I am not the be all or know all. However, I am in this for the long haul! What I am, is someone committed to aligning with other abundant thinkers who understand (and find value) in what Bonnie often says; “There’s not a one size fits all when it comes to serving dentists and their teams”. There is so much available today to help a practice grow, beyond their wildest dreams. Our goal at the ProPractice is to allow dentists and teams to experience more than they imagined when it comes to growing, learning professionally and personally while being exposed to some of the brightest minds and abundant thinkers. Some we know well and others we are learning about daily! We do this because we believe it’s right and everyone deserves to the opportunity to experience and learn more than they imagine – for less than they expected.

Join us in the ProDentist and ProPractice communities to experience more – for less. You just might find that coach, consultant, author, professional speaker or service provider you dreamed of and never knew existed. It is not as far away as you once thought. My husband said recently; “I simply cannot imagine how hard it is for some dentist who simply cannot afford training for their team, to create the value for the care, much less advanced clinical skills. Furthermore, what they think they can’t afford might actually be the one thing that will create the greatest ROI.”

The abundant mentality, quest for knowledge and service we witnessed last week with this company was quite remarkable.  It is great to be reminded that there are others who come from abundance and have a desire to give or serve far more than a fee can justify. Aligning with other abundant thinkers can’t ever be wrong. “The person who trusts everyone makes far fewer mistakes than the person who trusts no one.”

In my mind scarcity has never had a place in dentistry. My husband is happy to refer when he knows it’s the right thing for the patient. I refer to other speakers who I honor, am in awe of and believe will deliver in an area that really is not my area of expertise. You can’t be all things to all people. Let’s create an abundance mentality in our community and create greater value for all involved.  There is enough to go around.

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